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The Warp & the Weft - weaving a new vision for humanity

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Weaving a New Vision for Humanity: the Warp and the Weft of renewing our relationship with our Mother Earth

'Healing is an art of the heart. Healing with Kate, in her benevolent, tender, alchemical hands also reminded me that it can be indescribably beautiful. I felt Kate's work as deep as the ocean whilst standing on steady ground. I felt Kate opening whole valleys of potential healing. I love Kate's sound, her voice, her presence and felt her connection to our more than human relations mediating gateways and portals to the unknowable and unseen. I don't know WHAT has taken place in me since being with Kate. I'm still in the shift. Still in wonder and awe of its impacts. Kate's work is the sacred work of radical reunion - ising.. a place from which we need to arise.'

Skeena Rathor

XRUK Co Founder Vision

Co Finder Being The Change

Co Finder Co Liberation

Global Chair of Activism, The Restorative Practices Alliance.

This article is part of a series about Energy Weaving and here I attempt to explain my experience of how the ceremonial, energetic components of activism fuel the political and legal.

April 2019 on Waterloo Bridge - a group of us held a Tree Grove ceremony on the bridge which was closed to traffic and adorned with trees for the XR actions which brought central London to a standstill and culminated in the Government declaring a climate emergency. Peaceful, heart-centred activism which brought the climate conversation to the media and politics. We were amongst many holding ceremonies across London and bringing love to bear in this realisation that we cannot continue our rampant plunder of earth's resources.

Seeing the signs in nature: as we performed this ritual the XR 'egg-timer' logo appeared in the chemtrails in the sky above us!

photo: Jaine Rose

As a Shamanic Energy Weaver it is a great privilege to act as a bridge between humans and land, between cultures, between dimensions. As an Energy Weaver in service to the emergent paradigm shift of human consciousness I am struck by how environmental activism is deepened so much when politics is accompanied by ceremony. Polly Higgins used to say to me that politics and sustainable development start out in the energetic realm as ideas which are then made concrete or material through changes in the law and changes in how we provide for our needs in ecologically sustainable ways.

April 2021 Southwark Crown Court for the Shell 7 trial. Invoking the energies of nature - the nature beings - and honouring the late Polly Higgins. photo: Jaine Rose If Ecocide, XR, Greenpeace, Green politics, grass-roots activism, green technology, scientific predictions and research, sustainable agriculture, environmentally-friendly products and eco-fashion to name but a few are the vertical strands – the warp. The vertical warp strands provide the structure for change and it is my experience that these can be sustained and nourished through the horizontal strands: the weft.

Weft: what are the these so-called horizontal strands? The weft also starts in the realms of energy and filters through into a changed experience in how we relate to the environment. When we engage in activities such as ceremony and ritual and guided energetic exercises and transmissions, we experience who we are as humans differently and we experience our relationship with nature differently. We get a taste of how our ancestors experienced life. And we get a sense of how intact indigenous peoples relate to planet earth now.

Creating a Despacho - an offering of gratitude to mother earth and all of creation, weaving in prayers that the Shell 7 be heard, harmonising diverse energies, honouring the local spirits of place photo Jaine Rose

I am enormously grateful to my Q’ero teachers who have given me tools and energetic transmissions which sharpen my perception and help me to communicate with nature so that I can integrate my human frailties and listen deeply to the innate profound wisdom which is available to all of us when we slow down enough to hear the whisperings and read the messages in our environment. This is deep ecology. There are many of us turning to different indigenous wisdom-keepers to drink of their wisdom and learn how to live in harmony with planet earth, and whichever path we follow is fine as long as we do this with respect and with permission. We are indebted to the indigenous wisdom-keepers around the world who transcend cultural differences and teach us how to listen and give us the tools to put this service into action.

The Despacho was the focus for many people around the world who prayed for an outcome which came from higher law in service to earth and all her inhabitants. This offering was placed in front of the Crown Court and remained hidden in plain sight for the two week duration of the court case. This is a wonderful aspect of Energy Weaving - marrying activism with energy work: this ceremony called upon the nature beings and was woven with prayers from around the world. This, together with all the expert legal advice and most of all the integrity of the Shell 7 and the jury who listened to them, meant that an historic outcome of not-guilty was reached in a case where the defendants had pleaded guilty. This is a wonderful example of alignment of humanity with nature beings in service to higher law. photo Jaine Rose

Week to week my lived experience of embracing the transmissions, energetic exercises and teachings from my teachers deepens my relationship with my local environment and the different hills and valleys and waters which are my nature family. It is this sensibility which informs the ceremony which I bring to activism and which makes it potent. It is this sensibility and ceremony which adds a deep dimension to our human quest to come back into right relationship with mother earth and all of creation. I would argue that it is the ‘glue’ which holds it all together. The transmissions which people receive in ceremony are the ‘fuel’ which jump-start our personal and collective transition towards a more sustainable future, informed by the wisdom of nature.

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Thanks Kate. Good stuff, exactly right using language like 'alignment'. Most important now in Activism not to 'fight against', thereby propogating dualistic or divisive thinking. To 'stand with' may be a better turn of phrase... which means inclusivity as well as a holding to account, recognition of wrongs and commitment to actioning change. Cultivating forgiveness, transforming rage and grief, asking for help from the invisible world - energy technology for which the human vessel is perfectly designed in our role as stewards of our planet. innit.

Replying to

Thank you very much for your very thoughtful response. I definitely resonate with 'stand with'

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