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Two-hour session in Person: £95 
Two-hour session via Zoom or phone: £80

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Reconnect with earth's energies, access the true power which this brings and nourish your core.


Feel The Loving Embrace of Mother Earth and the animating force which runs through all life. Release all that disconnects you and receive healing energies and nectars from the nature beings (earth, wind, moon, stars, sun, water) and make a relationship with your 'nature parents' on your own terms.


Tried and tested healing techniques remove heavy energy, shift dynamics of feeling stuck, release obstructive ancestral or karmic stories, or energy which is stuck from trauma, and bring about Soul Retrieval. Learn how to manage your energy flow in relation to universal energy flow.


Special exercises help you to source yourself from Nature and enjoy your innate power. As your energy body strengthens you meet life's challenges in an empowered way and continue to build your own spiritual life. This approach to healing will help you to overcome personal difficulties and personality issues and put them in perspective in relation to nature.


Being in communion with Mother Earth and being appreciative of all we receive from Her is about changing our perception about how we are in the world. When we are in harmony with her so many issues cease to exist or cease to matter.

'Kate's compassionate, caring focus and healing practices guided me, reconnecting me to the placental, mothering energies of Earth herself. After the healing, I felt an immediate shift towards a lighter more embodied sense of myself, with a return of my energy and enthusiasm for life.'

Nane in Canada

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