picture above is of a Despacho created in the traditional Q'echuan way
Fire Ceremonies & Despacho Ceremonies


FIRE CEREMONY (regular public events)
"Thank you so much for hosting the fire ceremony on Sunday. It was an honour to participate in the group gathering. I am so grateful to you and your lineage for the knowledge and love you share with others. And I am extremely grateful to you for opening the doors fully to embrace Mother Earth." M. S.

DESPACHO  CEREMONY (private bespoke events)
Despacho 8.jpg

'Our Earthkeepers Despacho on Friday was deeply and profoundly beautiful - it felt as if we were aligning cosmic energies in preparation of the Mission and explicitly inviting in the gods and all the higher beings to fire up this star-ship of ours! Thank you from the very depths of our hearts - we shall treasure the day for the rest of our lives'

Polly Higgins


'...a gorgeous and powerful calling in and alignment of energies, which has already shifted much and will accompany us positively on this magical mission, both far and wide across the dimensions...Thank you!'

Jojo Mehta

Despacho Ceremonies make beautiful offerings to spirit. Traditionally in the Andes, HEALING is mediated through Despachos. A Despacho is a type of medicine bundle which is offered to spirit either by being buried or released into water or burnt on the sacred fire. It is built with love and reverence and holds your prayers. It is absolutely integral to being in right relationship. In the Andean tradition you offer your gratitude in advance of receiving that which you ask.

In south America 100,000,000 people use this ancient form of prayer bundle every year. Despacho is the oldest form of conflict resolution and is an unparalleled way of harmonising energies: between people; between people and nature; within the psyche of the individual.


Held in Sacred Space, fuelled by your intent, guided by the Paqo (traditional Andean medicine person), and with the playful participation of all guests, the Despacho can be a deeply nourishing focus for ceremonies to CELEBRATE or mark any type of life change at any stage of life: puberty, menarche, menopause, marriage, childbirth, naming ceremony, retirement, moving home or job, divorce, death rites, birthdays and any other transitions or crossroads in life.


The despacho ceremony is often a healing process as well as a time of celebration. It honours where you are in your life and in relation to spirit. The despacho mediates RITES OF PASSAGE. Typically a despacho ceremony brings you into right relationship as you move into the next stage of your life. 

These ceremonies are tailor-made to your individual requirements, incorporating your own spiritual path as well as honouring sacred space. The bundles are made up with flowers, food, candles, sweets, incense, objects representing all of creation, and objects representing that which you want to release and/or invite into your life as well as that which you want to celebrate, honour and express gratitude for.


At every stage of the preparation we can co-create a beautiful ceremony to suit the occasion.

Read about the Earth Keeper's Despacho with Polly Higgins and Jojo Mehta here


Some examples of previous Despachos which I have facilitated for others: Wedding Celebration Despacho - weaving in the vision of the couple with the well wishing of the guests; Despacho ceremony honouring the Wisdom Years - a wonderful rich gathering of 25 women ages 42 - 82 sharing and celebrating menopause and perimenopause - healing, nourishing, enlightening. Naming Day Despacho: a joyful and fun event in which all participated - children love doing Despacho! Moon Daughters Despacho in honour of Mother Earth: 8-11 year old girls had fun co-creating this bundle of gratitude and then burning it on the sacred fire. Despacho ceremony for mothers: we gathered at Red Hearth to make a beautiful envelope for our dreams as we gave thanks for and honoured the profound Rite of Passage which is motherhood. Despacho to celebrate Earth Day and incorporate gratitude from all the participants. Despacho ceremony to open the Stroud Sisterhood Pop-up Goddess Temple into which all attendees placed their prayers and intent. 

Pachamama Despacho August 2017 at Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2017 - a real privilege to join with wisdom keepers and celebrants from all around the world. Read more here.

picture below is from a 50th birthday despacho celebration

Fire Ceremonies for Full Moon & Celtic Festivals.  


-  These Fire Ceremonies are open to all: men, women and children. £10/£7/£5 Adults; children go free.
- They take place out in nature and we create a sacred vortex.
- We meet the transformative energy of the sacred fire, where we celebrate our mother earth, father sun, grandmother moon, star brothers and sisters and all of creation.
- We connect with natural spirituality,  we remember our ancestors and teachers of this land as well as globally.
- We each bring a 'prayer stick' (ie a stick which we have picked up from the earth and which we may decorate but don't have to) and into it we blow our personal prayers while singing, drumming and rattling. We also collectively offer a 'Pachamama stick' into which we blow our universal prayers. 

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