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River Blessings - multi-faith, political, secular sacred earth action

When we come together and offer gratitude and prayers to our sacred rivers we deepen our animacy, enhance our 'indigenous' sense of belonging and grow our personal power in alignment with nature. This film records a River Blessing in Stroud, the 5th in a series held at festivals of the Celtic year. Helen James filmed it with great insight and sensitivity. In the film she captures the spirit at the heart of the ceremony and it is an uplifting portrayal and description of how we can come together in community and connect soulfully with water; and at the heart of the film, of course, is the mighty river Frome.

This series of river blessings is remarkable for the blend of people involved: activists, politicians, scientists, mayors, druids, Christians, Sikh, Buddhist, Goddess-loving, atheist, artists...many types of people coming together to share their gratitude to and love of water and to experience a deeper, soulful, connecting relationship with water.

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