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Are you or is someone you care about at a threshold in life? I can offer a rite of passage ceremony to mark these important thresholds.


We can also do these rituals retrospectively and this can bring about profound healing at whatever stage of life we are in.​


When we honour each transition in our lives with ritual and ceremony it helps us to pass cleanly from one stage to another.


Please contact me to discuss your needs, or read on to find out more about the kinds of rites-of-passage I can honour with ceremony.


Rites of Passage

As a celebrant I offer a range of ceremonies and rites of passage to suit individual needs. These can be life transitions which you want to mark, change of lifestyle, old habits you want to leave behind, future states you want to potentiate, marriage, hand-fasting, naming ceremony, retirement, moving home, dreaming into new beginnings...



Here are examples of rites-of-passages ceremonies I can offer. I also offer bespoke ceremonies. When we are in ceremony time is multi-dimensional and non-linear. You can participate in these rituals no matter how long ago you experienced these events. These threshold moments can be brought into alignment at any time in your life that you feel the call to honour these stages from a heart-felt and authentic place.

Blood Flower, Mother, Wise Woman

Blood Flower

Blood Flower is when we celebrate menarche - this can be a bespoke celebration for a girl (or girls) who has just started to bleed and in close collaboration with her caregivers can be created to mark this threshold.

Example Blood Flower ritual

Participating in a Bloodflower ritual can be an opportunity for those of us who did not have this type of celebration as we were growing up to heal this stage of our life with a retrospective ceremony.  It is a very nourishing experience and brings women into alignment with themselves. This can either be bespoke or as a part of a group.  


With Rite-of-the-Womb

Some of us may have given birth to our children without marking this life-changing transition and so participating in a Mother ritual can be profoundly grounding and healing and this can be done in preparation for birth as way-showing, or any time after birth as a celebration and thanksgiving.

WISE WOMAN ritual with Despacho and Rite of the Womb to mark menopause and deepening wisdom

Peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women may come together or have a solo ceremony to honour this profound threshold. 

We circle and discern what it is we need to let go of, share our dreams and stories, uncover what is so precious we will nurture it fiercely. Despacho to bring all of our being into right relationship with all that is, Rite of the Womb to honour and celebrate each other and our gifts in service to our communities and the earth.​ This is such an inspiring circle to sit in.  And the age range can be huge. On one occasion we were a group of women aged 42 - 82 - such a rich and diverse blend of experience and wisdom and a real honour to hold and witness.


The Rite of the Womb is an energetic transmission which brings you into alignment with a lineage of medicine women in the Amazon. We sit in sacred circle and meet each other. There is a check-in and some exercises to help you to align with the energy of the Rite. I also present some context to help support you in receiving the Rite, then there is the transmission of the Rite, as well as a Fire Ceremony.

Personal, ancestral, Earth

The Rite of the Womb helps us to connect with our wombs on a personal and ancestral level as well as with the womb of mother earth and the cosmic womb. It is an opportunity to step into a living lineage of women from all over the world.

"On the evening of receiving my rite, I felt amazing and whole, complete. When we were doing the fire ceremony, I became one with Mother Earth, and sank deep into her and was one. And I had the most vivid dreams...I am following the advice to grow it and I can feel the incredible energy pulsating through my body. Giving me many beautiful gifts. I actually feel Feminine, for the first time in my life. I am beginning to love myself more and be true to me." Marie 

One-to-one/ bespoke group

I also offer this rite one-to-one: this gives the scope for you to receive some individual healing too, if appropriate. You're welcome to a free consultation on the phone if you would like to talk about a bespoke ceremony with a group of friends. Contact me.

Healing at the End of Life

The experience of the Ritual...

'I felt the sense of melting into the earth again as being a natural thing and not something to fear. I loved the depth of the ritual and how long it took to fill and wrap the despacho. I have been feeling a lot of healing in myself since the workshop. The womb healing was so nourishing too, and the delicious bowl with rose petals at the end gave me a particular type of delight and happiness that again I almost never felt before. I think it is truly amazing what you are doing and extremely difficult to bridge cultures in this way and I admire your courage, dedication and imagination in making those leaps to bring us something so powerful and has connected me with earth in a way I have spent so many years looking for and given me such peace. I feel more connected to the hills around my house and I see them differently now'  Sarah D.

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