Image: My offering of gratitude for the stones I received on pilgrimage to local nature beings while creating my medicine bundle

"I am energised by my blossoming transformation and fully appreciate this gift of ancient wisdom. This is what I have always wanted and now I see that it was meant to be. I am very grateful for your dedication to sharing this beautiful knowledge and for your love and support. " I.D.


Stand-alone workshops offering exercises, transmissions, ritual, tools for self-healing



Structured short

courses offering exercises and transmissions to build empowerment of self with nature


In-depth commitment. Energy Medicine. Despacho. Ritual

Training in Stroud and online


Connect with Cuda and the Cuculatti

Our local Cotswolds Earth Mother Goddess and her attendant guardian spirits of place

March 8th 5 - 6 pm at Stroud Goddess Temple - a taster workshop to find out a bit more with guided meditation

March 13th 10am - 6pm at Stroud Goddess Temple and out on the land - an immersive day of lecture, embodiment, craft and ceremony to form a relationship with Cuda. £75 - this is both a stand-alone workshop and the beginning of the Spiral of Cuda


CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS WITH NATURE £150/125 for 6 x 2 hour workshops with exercises to complete in between and group contact as well as my availability in between sessions to answer questions. Eco-spirituality: weaving your energetic relationship with the primary forces of nature: Water, Earth, Sun, Wind Moon Stars, Cosmos. The series ends with an energetic transmission to connect you to these nature beings.

(More dates to be announced)

Exercises, transmission and meditations which help us to reconnect with nature and experience a different perceptual field. Solo time in nature. Sharing time. Shadow work. Tools for self-healing, cleansing and empowerment. Tried and tested techniques help make deeper connections with the primary forces of nature - Water, Earth, Sun, Wind Moon Stars, Cosmos. Practical, simple and profound tools which are life-changing. Weekly contact with teaching and many tools to practise on your own in NATURE with a platform for sharing in between sessions. Learn how to make prayerful offerings and deepen your relationship with your environment. This is deep ecology.

Previous online participants have this to say about the course:

“I started Kate's course feeling very low in energy and disconnected. Within a few weeks I feel very different. Kate's style is very gentle and permissive. I can definitely recommend this course.” Anon

"Conscious Connection with Nature...a wonderful time to focus and really connect with The Great Spirit through meditation and experiential exercises. Kate leads in a respectful, deeply committed way with her teachings, leading us into deep healing spaces even on the lockdown zoom!” M.C.

“I have benefited hugely from this wonderful course.  Kate creates a nurturing safe space, and generously shares her profound knowledge, experience and wisdom whilst enabling us to truly expand into the connections with nature and spirit as individuals.  The work is both gentle and powerful, as well as deeply healing and nourishing.  Reciprocal honouring and respect for all, sprinkled with Joy!” C.S.

“I have so appreciated being on Kate’s Conscious Connections with Nature course. I have loved learning a new practise grounded in nature and at the same time spiralling out into the cosmos. Our time online has not only been an exploration into new ideas but also a prayerful meditation on the elements. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people online, and the invitations to create nature mandalas which we then share with the group in the time between our zoom calls, building our connection to all that is around us but to each other too. Thank you Kate, I hope you offer more magical courses like this in the future!” Jaine Rose.



Medicine Spiral, how to make a traditional Medicine Bundle, Energy Medicine 

The medicine spiral incorporates exercises to help us to shed skins and all that disconnects us from our mother earth, from our destinies. The cauldron helps us to reconnect heart to heart with our indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. You will also learn how to grow your own medicine bundle and connect with your local nature spirits.


No longer do you have to burn up fossil fuels travelling to distant lands, it is now possible to become an Earth keeper, perhaps become an Energy Weaver or Shamanic practitioner, perhaps deepen your experience of activism, or simply come home to yourself and heal old wounds right here in this land.


This work is a synthesis of spiritual practices designed to dismantle all that disconnects us from nature, to dismember ourselves and be born anew in relation to earth and sky. The techniques, insights and experiences are underpinned by a deeply held connection to and boundless gratitude to the people of Q'eros who so generously teach us the way of harmony and love. It is a synthesis intended to bring participants into alignment with the energies of nature close to your own doorstep and it is inspired by the wisdom teachings of indigenous peoples around the world, especially the Q'ero whose blessing I have to share their wisdom teachings.


With an open heart and deep gratitude to mother earth, father sky and all that is I offer this work in good faith and take full responsibility for it. This is my synthesis of wisdom teachings and initiations (passed on with the blessings of those who gave them to me) and combined with my own research here in this land.

Keepers of the Earth Cauldron - Tools for Shamanic Healing - for Making Ceremony - for creating a Medicine Bundle


If you decide to dive deeply into this training you will also learn tried and tested tools for Energy Medicine  (Shamanic Healing) to add to your tool kit or to launch you onto your journey as a healer. This training is suitable for practitioners who wish to: deepen their experience of the animating force which runs through all life; to exchange energies with the nature beings; who are curious about shifting their perceptions in relation to nature; and who wish to add many new tools to complement their existing practise. It is also suitable for people who want to develop as Energy Medicine practitioners and who are open to meeting their shadow pieces and shedding skins to become the hollow bone in service to others and all that is.

"The work has nourished every part of me. It has opened up doors and given me a solid platform to work with. I have been provided with the tools to delve deeper and to continue making the necessary internal and external changes in my life. It is a deeply healing and transformative medicine and it is a great opportunity to honour and have these old teachings passed down and shared." A.F.