The Love of Cuda

Updated: May 28, 2020

Cuda of the Cotswolds - our local face of the Mother Goddess who embraces us with the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Cuda our local Iron Age Mother Goddess whispers to us across the ages of a time when our ancestors venerated the spirit of place and gave thanks for the abundance of these beautiful Cotswold valleys. In the form of the seated Mother with apples in her lap she personifies the generous and abundant spirit of the land. Three Genii Cuculatti - hooded nature spirits who attend her - lead us into veneration, guardianship, care and love for our mother earth through the portal of Cuda. When we open our hearts and make offerings at places of emergence she responds with beauty.

Cuda first spoke to me at an exhibition at Lansdowne Gallery curated by local artist Patricia Brien where she exhibited her frieze depicting Cuda and the Cucullati. Inspired by this discovery I went to a local nature spot and took an offering of flowers with Cuda in mind. As I was entering the valley a circular rainbow seemed to envelope the whole valley and offer welcome. The air was very still as I lit a candle and sat for a while by the waterfall and meditated upon Cuda. I then offered the flowers to the water and when I turned back, despite the stillness of the air, the candle had gone out by itself - this felt very auspicious! Then some time later I took Patricia and we both sat together by the waterfall. This time there was a steady breeze and our candle remained alight. After a while we made our offering to the water and then turned back to blow out the candle but it would not go out so we decided to leave it burning a while longer. Eventually it felt right to blow out the candle and this time it went out easily. The breeze had been sculpting the wax and the moment we blew out the candle, the wax sculpture parted from it: the sculpture looks rather like one of the hooded Cuculatti! This felt like a profound synchronicity and affirmation about what can happen when we connect with nature in an open-hearted way.

And so it is with joy, relief and excitement that I am discovering the land of my birth anew through the filter of Shamanic perception and local discoveries about the old ways of this landscape and our ancestors who once lived here. I am grateful to Patricia for the discovery of Cuda, also the archaeologists whose books offer new ways of seeing this ancient landscape...and most of all I am grateful to Goddess who responds and guides us when we call from our hearts. The research I have undertaken thus far - both learning from nature and reading academic texts - is underpinned by the shift in perception which takes place with Shamanic training. All of this has led to a creative reimagining of what has gone before on this land and this is coupled with cutting edge energetic techniques to create a new type of training called 'Keepers of the Earth Cauldron'. Click here for more info 'Keepers of the Earth Cauldron' is an offering workshops and training to enable seekers to tap into the power and inspiration of the Earth Mother Goddess in all her forms including Cuda and her guardian spirits of place the Cuculatti. The training involves preparatory shadow work around the medicine spiral; it also incorporates profound energetic initiations from Andean Cosmovision in which I am initiated - and which works so well in this land too - to empower your energy body in relation to all that is; initiations which connect you deeply with earth, moon, sun, fire, water, stars, healing energies of nature, your local landscape; these processes deepen understanding of yourself, family, ancestors, friends, as well as your connection to all of mother earth's life-forms. This is a Shamanic Initiation which will propel you further on your path of healing and self-knowledge and make you more effectively available to be in service to life. It is an invitation to step back into your true power and find the balance of your love and will, to find your indigenous nature. This training is applicable to the spirit of your own locality. Who are the local Gods and Goddesses of your place of origin? How would it be for you to deepen your connection with your local spirits of place? Please contact me if you wish to register your interest.

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