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Connecting with spirits of place

This film offers practical guidance for connecting with your spirits of place wherever you may live. In it I tell the story of how I discovered a local Iron Age Goddess here in the Cotswolds, how I researched this aspect of our Celtic Ancestors' spirituality, and how I 'exchanged energies' with the local spirits of place. There are also wonderful exercises which will help you to connect with your local nature spirits. At this point I want to thank my teachers Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado, Elizabeth Jenkins and of course the Andean Masters whose living tradition underpins the exercises in this film. It is an hour long and is a workshop experience in itself. The film was originally made as part of a workshop for the Glastonbury Goddess conference whose theme summer 2020 was Earth Mother Goddess. If you are interested in doing workshops or training with me in Conscious Connection with Nature; Eco-Spirituality as a Force for Connection with our Ancestors; or receiving one-to-one healing; or being notified of Community Fire Ceremonies; or you have any other questions after watching this film feel free to get in touch.

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