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Water is Life - notes from London

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

(River Severn Spring Equinox Bore Gratitude Offering)

This is an update of the Despacho/Haywariquy ceremony as we co-created a beautiful natural offering, a living prayer, expressing our love and gratitude to all waters of the world as we met by the Thames at The Big One.

Water carries us into existence, sustains us throughout, and connects us with the web of life, the Bigger Picture. Waters flow through us and around us, we are water. Despacho/Haywariquy is an ancient form of living prayer where we meet the mythic and harmonise different energies.

And when we come together, offer our love and gratitude, and listen to what is needed of us in relation to water, we exchange energies in a beautiful and uplifting way.

We met on Friday 21st April 2023 at Embankment Gardens and together we made a beautiful offering imbued with our living energy, love, gratitude and prayers which we then took on the marches with us on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday 22nd April (Earth Day) we brought our offering on the Biodiversity march and then in ceremony cast it onto the Thames who carried our prayers out to the waters of the world.

At end of Earth Day March with two angelic Earth Activists! Jen and Todd, photo by Andy

Casting our offering of gratitude and love, sorrow and renewal to Thames. Water is Life...for our children's children's children....

Here are some photos from previous river blessings

(River Marden blessing Spring Equinox 2023 with Bishop of Ramsbury, photo by Robert MacNaughton)

(For the Shell 7 at Southwark Crown Court, 2020, photo Jaine Rose)

River Frome (for Gold-winning Rewilding with Beaver entry at Chelsea Flower Show 2022 by Lucy Urquhart.)

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