In Person in Stroud and Remote by Phone or Zoom

* do you notice recurring themes in your life which derail you?

* are there issues for you which talking therapy alone cannot address?

* are you ready to let go of outmoded beliefs and access your own innate wisdom and personal power?

* do you long to feel a deeper connection with nature and earth?

* do you yearn to access your inner wisdom?

* are you struggling with core issues which you can't dislodge?

* are you ready to shake off the tired old stories from your past, your ancestors, your over-culture, and write your own narrative drawn from a renewed sense of self?

* whether you live in a city or in a rural area would you like to access your wild, indigenous self?

* would you like to learn pathways for connecting with the elements? the nature spirits of place? the life force?

* would you like to recover soul parts lost to trauma?

* are you ready to step back in to life re-energised and reintegrated?

* would you like to learn how to clean your own energy field of heavy energy and help others?

* would you like to add to your tool kit to be in service?

* would you like to learn how to honour all that has gone before and transcend it?


I am here to listen deeply to your story with compassion and understanding and I am here to encourage you to empower yourself with the help of the energies of nature. As all of our indigenous sisters and brothers will tell you, nature is our greatest teacher.

I offer a number of ways for you to progress your healing journey and path to personal power:


** 1 - 2 - 1 Healing sessions comprise Energy Medicine, soul retrieval, extractions, and many more tools read here for more info

** Fire Ceremonies in community on or near Full Moons and Celtic Festivals info

**Despacho Ceremonies for celebrations: marriage, naming, end of life, new ventures, here 

**Rites of Passage Rituals and Ceremony read here

**Three levels of training: Workshops, Short Courses and Apprenticeship more info


"I see the world differently now, as if I have a new set of eyes... It has been an incredible journey and I do feel that I have been turned inside out. But it was worth every moment and I am truly grateful." M.S.

Ancient Animism in the modern world

My training is in an ancient Andean living tradition and my process is in bringing it home to the land where I live.
Let's create the conditions for heaven on earth together by harmonising ourselves with the animating force which runs through all life.

Images below: Here I am making an offering of gratitude to Swift's Hill, my Nature Father.



As we offer our gratitude to the forces of life which sustain us, we step into a reciprocal relationship with nature. When we are in this state, nature's wisdom becomes available to us.

Healing with nature and weaving the energies of self with the nectars of the nature beings helps you to reconnect with earth's energies and grow your personal power in service. Energy weaving and healing in this way helps you to overcome personal difficulties and personality issues and to put them in perspective in relation to nature. This process helps you to feel held in the arms of mother earth and teaches you how to manage your own energy flow in relation to universal energy flow. With targeted healing and 'homework' you can learn how to access nectars from the nature beings and how to make a relationship with your 'nature parents' on your own terms. - 07866642549