In Person in Stroud and Remote by Phone or Zoom

* do you notice recurring themes in your life which derail you?

* are there issues for you which talking therapy alone cannot address?

* are you ready to let go of outmoded beliefs and access your own innate wisdom and personal power?

* do you long to feel a deeper connection with nature and earth?

* do you yearn to access your inner wisdom?

* are you struggling with core issues which you can't dislodge?

* are you ready to shake off the tired old stories from your past, your ancestors, your over-culture, and write your own narrative drawn from a renewed sense of self?

* whether you live in a city or in a rural area would you like to access your wild, indigenous self?

* would you like to learn pathways for connecting with the elements? the nature spirits of place? the life force?

* would you like to recover soul parts lost to trauma?

* are you ready to step back in to life re-energised and reintegrated?

* would you like to learn how to clean your own energy field of heavy energy and help others?

* would you like to add to your tool kit to be in service?

* would you like to learn how to honour all that has gone before and transcend it?



So much anxiety can be released when a person feels connected to the earth again. Decades of talking can be bypassed by focused healing sessions. Efficient tracking and extraction help you to shed heavy energy which naturally accumulates as you go through life; this shedding of heaviness enables you to make the most of the healing energy which you receive. With special energetic exercises you can also reconnect with the earth, the sun, the moon, all of the forces of nature as well as the Divine of your understanding - The Great Spirit, God, Goddess, Universe, Cosmos...


With reeducation and reintegration you can develop the skills to release your own heavy energy, and find ways to avoid further build up, in this way you start to source yourself (or feel supported by) the forces of nature. As your energy body strengthens you can meet difficult engagements with people in an empowered way and continue to build your own spiritual life.


Being in communion with the earth and being appreciative of everything we get from the earth is about changing our perception of how we are in the world. When we are in harmony with Nature and Spirit so many obstacles in our lives cease to exist or cease to matter.

"I see the world differently now, as if I have a new set of eyes... It has been an incredible journey and I do feel that I have been turned inside out. But it was worth every moment and I am truly grateful." M.S.
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TRAINING: The Paqos and Nusta Paqos in Q'eros with Elizabeth Jenkins;  JUAN & IVAN NUNEZ DEL PRADO, The Four Winds, The Healing Trust (Jack and Jan Angelo), The College of Psychic Studies, MA Dance. 

Specialising in Healing with Nature, Teaching you how to get your energy to flow, Removing Hucha, Connecting with Nature Spirits, Illuminations, Extractions, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Healing Karmic & Ancestral lineages, Despachos, Rite of the Womb, Munay Ki, Hatun Karpay (indoors), Energy Medicine, Ceremonies, Drum Journey, How to Exchange Energies with Nature, Way of the Mystic, The Love of Cuda, Balanced Feminine Power, Mother Goddess Wisdom, Shedding Skins. - 07866642549