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Kate Dineen

Shamanic Practitioner. Celebrant. Natural Spirituality. Connecting with Mother Earth, Waters, Cosmos.

Psycho-Spiritual Healing. Soul Retrieval. Despacho. Fire Ceremony. Rites of Passage. Extractions. Trained and initiated in an ancient tradition.


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About Me.

I owe huge gratitude to the main source of my training in an ancient Andean living tradition which was gifted to me wholeheartedly and in reciprocity by my teachers. My joy is in aligning this indigenous wisdom with the land and mythos where I live and sharing this profound connection with you. As I research more into the threads of culture which exist here in the UK, it is an enormous gift to bring the very elegant and intact Q'ero energy system into play with earth-based, pagan rituals and systems as they arise here together with the plants and spirit teachers indigenous to the land where I live. And this wisdom can be translated to wherever you live. More info

Let's create the conditions for heaven on earth together by harmonising ourselves with the animating force which runs through all life.

I offer a number of ways for you to progress your healing journey and path to personal power:

Healing Sessions

Healing sessions comprise Energy Medicine, Soul Retrieval, Extractions, and many more tools. read here for more info

Ceremonies & Ritual

Fire Ceremonies in community on or near Full Moons and Celtic Festivals. info. Despacho Ceremonies for celebrations: marriage, naming, end of life, new ventures, here
Rites of Passage Rituals and Ceremony read here

Workshops & Teaching

Workshops teaching powerful tools for connecting with the animating force which runs through all life; with the Nature Beings.  Sharing the love of Cuda our local Cotswolds Mother Goddess and her Cuculatti read here

These processes help us to:


Release heavy energy.


Come into alignment with the Earth’s energies and spirit.


Resource ourselves from and learn from natural spirituality.


Connect with and feel empowered by the energies of nature.


Bring this sense of empowerment into service for the greater good.

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"I see the world differently now, as if I have a new set of eyes... It has been an incredible journey and I do feel that I have been turned inside out. But it was worth every moment and I am truly grateful." M.S.

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