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Who can benefit from Shamanic Healing and how does it work?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Image above: an offering of gratitude I made to Wind Moon Stars as part of healing with nature.

This approach to Shamanic Energy Medicine is about Healing with Nature and the interrelationship of Self and Nature

Healing is an art of the heart. Healing with Kate, in her benevolent, tender, alchemical hands also reminded me that it can be indescribably beautiful. I felt Kate's work as deep as the ocean whilst standing on steady ground. I felt Kate opening whole valleys of potential healing. I love Kate's sound, her voice, her presence and felt her connection to our more than human relations mediating gateways and portals to the unknowable and unseen. I don't know WHAT has taken place in me since being with Kate. I'm still in the shift. Still in wonder and awe of its impacts. Kate's work is the sacred work of radical reunion - ising.. a place from which we need to arise.

Skeena Rathor

XRUK Co Founder Vision

Co Finder Being The Change

Co Finder Co Liberation

Global Chair of Activism, The Restorative Practices Alliance.

My training with the Four Winds was in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine, commonly known as Shamanic Healing. More recently I have trained with the Global Paqo School: here I received more initiations directly from the Q'ero and learned more techniques for healing which broaden and deepen my path and what I offer to clients.

Typically the kind of person who comes to me for healing is someone who has tried many different modalities to tackle a core life issue and there is a stubborn piece which they cannot reach through talking, bodywork, or medicine alone. Some clients have found that deep set issues which could not be met through years of talking therapy have been very quickly and effectively addressed by this approach to healing, through working in the dynamic, analytical way which this approach entails. The effectiveness of all types of medicine be they herbal, homeopathic, or allopathic can be enhanced by spiritual and energetic nurturing of the energy body as well as the physical body.

Many of us in western consciousness feel overwhelmed by the speed of life, by the relentless drive of progress and technology. Finding stillness is critical at this time for our health and the health of the planet. One-to-one healing sessions, communal ceremonies and group workshops all involve different ways of Shamanic Energy Weaving and all help to find a focused and meaningful place of stillness from which to heal on all levels - psycho-spiritual, emotional, physical.

Many of us have grown up with rules, precepts, concepts and belief systems which were put there with good reason to begin with but now derail us from our true path, and in derailing us they conspire to disconnect us from a simple connection to the earth and her wisdom. This disconnection makes us feel uneasy, unbalanced, no matter how materially wealthy we may be. Such disharmony leads to depression, anxiety, insomnia, mental and emotional disorders, which unchecked lead to physical manifestations of illness.

Western medicine is about biochemical diagnosis and curing through operations and medication and is very effective in this way. Talking therapies are a much needed salve and source of personal development. Bodywork and nutrition are invaluable therapies which support well-being. Spiritual Healing works with spirit to bring about healing in whatever way is most appropriate for the client and is often a more generalised approach in which the healer creates the conditions for spirit to do the work. Shamanic Energy Weaving in my understanding is very like Spiritual Healing except with a lot more tools and interventions, it also adds another dimension to a person’s healing journey and grounds clients in a deeply conscious way.

The Process in a one-to-one session

In a typical session I will spend an hour listening to your history - medical, personal, family, work life, relationships...during this consultation I notice energetic patterns and these will guide how the healing session will unfold.

Tracking - through open-hearted and deep listening I am led into a person’s narrative and guided into their energy and how best to address their core issues. Through gentle exploration we uncover shadow triggers and work out how to take the heat out of them.

I am trained and experienced in the ‘seeing’ of energy and this guides how best to work with your issues. The information gained from the consultation will lead to the next steps in the session and this could be any number of healing modalities - focused release of heavy energies, extraction of intrusive energies or ‘entities’, noticing psycho-spiritual 'triggers', encouragement with connecting with the earth and energies of nature, soul retrieval, release of karmic heaviness, release from ancestral beliefs which are now outmoded, rewriting life contracts, reinvigorating or finding afresh one’s spiritual life and soul path, destiny retrieval, advanced soul retrieval, help with creating the conditions for a new project or direction in life, and so on...

We also look at how to nurture your re-calibrated energy body so that the new information can filter through into the physical and emotional levels, we look at how to effectively hold onto this personal empowerment and take it back out into the world and back into the stream of life.

How this differs from spiritual healing I am also trained as a Spiritual Healer and I draw on this training as well. However Shamanic Healing differs to spiritual healing. Spiritual Healing is a more generalised approach which is very nourishing and beneficial. Shamanic Energy Weaving is a more analytical approach with many tools for a highly focused healing session, each and every session is unique dependant upon the person and what they are presenting and because of a very thorough and rigorous training there are many tools at my disposal for helping a person. The power of Shamanic Healing comes from the wisdom of mother earth and an awakened relationship with the energies of nature.

please visit my healing page for further information

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