"I am energised by my blossoming transformation and fully appreciate this gift of ancient wisdom. This is what I have always wanted and now I see that it was meant to be. I am very grateful for your dedication to sharing this beautiful knowledge and for your love and support. " I.D.




second SUNDAY OF THE MONTH 10.30 - 12

A uniquely dynamic approach to meditation drawing on different techniques to power ourselves up and make tangible connections to the energies of nature. Powerful, gentle, embodied, nourishing. These techniques help to reinform us, help us to remember our indigenous nature, help us find ways into personal power and protection. Drum journeys as well. £12/£10. A very well-received series of workshops.

New dates to be announced

Typically participants feel a sense of homecoming, grounding, deep nourishment.

A beautiful series honouring the divine feminine - 

Menarche, Motherhood, Menopause - workshops for women of all ages to gather and celebrate, shed hucha and offer gratitude.

here are some words from a previous participant on the

MOTHERHOOD workshop, Despacho and Rite of the Womb, 

'I felt the sense of melting into the earth again as being a natural thing and not something to fear. I loved the depth of the ritual and how long it took to fill and wrap the despacho. I have been feeling a lot of healing in myself since the workshop. The womb healing was so nourishing too, and the delicious bowl with rose petals at the end gave me a particular type of delight and happiness that again I almost never felt before. I think it is truly amazing what you are doing and extremely difficult to bridge cultures in this way and I admire your courage, dedication and imagination in making those leaps to bring us something so powerful and healing...it has connected me with earth in a way I have spent so many years looking for and given me such peace. I feel more connected to the hills around my house and I see them differently now'  Sarah D.

WISE WOMAN workshop, Despacho and Rite of the Womb

....for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women to come together and honour this profound Rite of Passage. We will discern what it is we need to let go of, share our dreams and stories, uncover what is so precious we will nurture it fiercely. Despacho to bring all of our being into right relationship with all that is, Rite of the Womb to honour and celebrate each other and our gifts in service to our communities and the earth.

...Shaman time is multi-dimensional and non-linear. You can attend these workshops no matter how long ago you experienced these events. These threshold moments can be brought into alignment at any time in your life that you feel the call to honour these stages from a heart-felt and authentic place.

For more information and to book: kate@katedineen.com / 07866 642549

Click here for more information on Despacho and Rite of the Womb.