"I found the Munay Ki to be a very transformational process. With the transmission of each Rite I felt that I got to explore another aspect of myself and my connection with the wider world around me. It added a real depth, grounding and deeper understanding to my life. I continue to grow the Rites. Kate was extremely knowledgeable and supportive and held the space beautifully." C. H.

The transmission of 9 energetic Rites from Peruvian indigenous wisdom keepers, underpinned by the cosmology of the Q'eros whose wisdom and connection to natural spirituality is unbroken 

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The medicine men and women and wisdom keepers of the Andes maintained the integrity of their teachings by living at high altitude from when the conquistadors arrived until the mid-twentieth century. For 500 years they lived at very high altitude with all the privations that that entails. The Q'ero elders say that the new Paquos (Shamans) will arise in the West and that now is the time to share their wisdom. The depth and breadth of their cosmology embraces and harmonises with all forms of spiritual integrity, hence their recognition of Jesus as a spiritual master despite their treatment by the Spanish. Indeed the Inka (of whom the Q'ero are descendants) had an enormously successful strategy for building their Empire which meant that they included rather than repudiated the spiritual wealth of the peoples they incorporated.


We are enormously privileged, not to say indebted, to receive their wisdom teachings and they encourage us to transcribe them and remember our own indigenous natures. These Rites are underpinned by an unbroken natural spiritual tradition and as such give me a sense of grounding, continuity and security. They offer us a clear blueprint which we can connect to our land, our sacred sites, our power animals and our own indigenous teacher plants. 


The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki are as follows:


1 Healers - Launches healing journey. Activates your healing power.
2 Bands of Power - forges deep connections with the life force
3 Harmony Rites - Connects you to the organising principles of the universe
4 Seer Rites - Awakens the seer within; rewires perceptual centres


5 Daykeeper - Begins the process of healing your inner feminine, call on the ancient stone altars of the world
6 Wisdomkeeper - inner masculine, connects you to the mountains of the world as places of power
7 Earthkeeper - Connects you to a lineage of archangels that are guardians of our galaxy, helps you dream the world into being


8 Rite of the Time to Come - Downloads energetic information into your luminous energy field (aura) to enable you to evolve from homo sapiens to homo luminous
9 Creator Rite - Awakens the God-light within and you acquire stewardship for all of creation. Human-to-human transmission of this rite has never been available before and was brought forth and gifted to us by Inka elders in the Andes during the summer of 2006.

If you decide you want to undertake this, I will provide materials and exercises to help you grow the Rites as well as being available between sessions to talk about anything that comes up. 


I will give the Rites over the course of 9 sessions, with 6-8 weeks in between each session to process. I have taught this several times now in groups as well as one-to-one. My experience is that protegees benefit from time to assimilate each rite and do justice to the work. I create a medicine spiral around it, bringing in relevant exercises to bring the work to consciousness. Individual healing sessions to address what comes up are recommended, especially in the early stages. 

 There will be another group in due course...in the meantime you may be interested to know that I ALSO OFFER THIS SERIES ON A ONE-TO-ONE BASIS - IN THIS WAY YOU MAY RECEIVE SOME INDIVIDUAL HEALING AS WELL AS THE RITE, AS APPROPRIATE. Please contact me for more details.

"On the evening of receiving my rite, I felt amazing and whole, complete. When we were doing the fire ceremony, I became one with Mother Earth, and sank deep into her and was one. And I had the most vivid dreams...I am following the advice to grow it and I can feel the incredible energy pulsating through my body. Giving me many beautiful gifts. I actually feel Feminine, for the first time in my life. I am beginning to love myself more and be true to me." Marie 

The Rite of the Womb is an energetic transmission which brings you into alignment with a lineage of medicine women in the Amazon. We sit in sacred circle and meet each other. There is a check-in and some exercises to help you to align with the energy of the Rite. I also present some context to help support you in receiving the Rite, then there is the transmission of the Rite, as well as a Fire Ceremony.

The Rite of the Womb helps us to connect with our wombs on a personal and ancestral level as well as with the womb of mother earth and the cosmic womb.

Please bring a ROSE and some LAVENDER as an offering to Mother Earth. 

If you have a drum or other instrument or percussion please bring it to accompany the ceremony and the fire.
You are welcome to contact me with any queries about upcoming ceremonies

 You can find out more about the Rite here.