"The work has nourished every part of me. It has opened up doors and given me a solid platform to work with. I have been provided with the tools to delve deeper and to continue making the necessary internal and external changes in my life. It is a deeply healing and transformative medicine and it is a great opportunity to honour and have these old teachings passed down and shared." A.F.


A fulfilment of the indigenous prophecies of the Americas

Step into the medicine spiral and take your place in the shift from 3rd level to 4th level consciousness

Help manifest the conditions for ascended beings to walk the earth in peace and harmony


Drawing upon well-tested practises taught by indigenous earth keepers, as well as energetic transmissions from Paquos in the high Andes, and Peruvian lowlands, and the Amazon. A unique synthesis bringing together Western psycho-spiritual awareness with Shamanic initiation, underpinned by the cosmology and depth of spiritual insight of the Q'ero who to this day maintain an unbroken link with mother earth, natural spirituality and nature beings. With the encouragement and blessing of the Q'ero this blend of wisdom teachings provides us with a life-saving blueprint to apply to our own lands and understanding with which to court our own nature spirits. With the extraordinary generosity of these people we are blessed with techniques for reconnecting with our own indigenous natures and the spirits and ancestors of our lands.


The medicine spiral incorporates exercises to help us to shed all that disconnects us from our mother earth, from our destinies. The medicine spiral helps us to reconnect heart to heart with our indigenous brothers and sisters around the world.


No longer do you have to burn up fossil fuels travelling to distant lands, it is now possible to become an Earth keeper, perhaps become a Shamanic practitioner, perhaps deepen your experience of activism, or simply come home to yourself and heal old wounds right here in this land.


This work is a synthesis of spiritual practises designed to dismantle all that disconnects us from nature, to dismember ourselves and be born anew in relation to earth and sky. The techniques, insights and experiences are underpinned by a deeply held connection to and boundless gratitude to the people of Q'eros who so generously teach us the way of harmony and love. It is a synthesis intended to bring participants into alignment with the energies of nature close to their own doorstep and inspired by the wisdom teachings of indigenous peoples around the world, especially the Q'eros of Peru.


With an open heart and deep gratitude to mother earth, father sky and all that is I offer this work in good faith and take full responsibility for it.


Thanks to all our teachers we are able to play our part in re-energising our relationship with nature in our own back yard and in relation to our own waters, mountains and sacred sites.


Here are some of my teachers:

Jack and Jan Angelo (Hopi, Healing Trust)

Apus Salkantay, Ausangate, Swift's Hill

Brother / Sister wind

Dona Maria

Don Sebastien

Linda Fitch

Elizabeth Jenkins

Father Sun

Mama cocha

Mother Earth

Mother Moon

Nusta Pystill Rhaedr

Paquarina Heaven's Waterfall

Star beings

Alberto Villoldo

Dr Angela Watkins (College of Psychic Studies)


and many other teachers - plant, animal, and in other dimensions.