My training is in an ancient Andean living tradition and my process is in bringing it home to the land where I live.

My greatest dream is that we humans heal our connection with nature

At this point in our evolution we in the west have become so disconnected from the earth for so long that we are now seeing what that costs. The destruction of our environment impacts on the earth and all of her life forms as well as our own health.

Humanity is being called to make a shift in how we perceive our place on earth. In order to achieve this, we are asked to overcome many personal obstacles. 

How would it be if we all felt our living connection to mother earth in such a real way that we walk in harmony, in conscious reciprocity with her? How would it be if we all behave like Earth-keepers and enjoy the give and take of adult relationship with this beautiful planet? How would it be if we took our rightful place - stewards in service to the well-being of earth and all her life-forms? 

The intention in my work is to help everyone I come into contact with to feel their living connection with the forces of nature. I am passionate about creating a space where we can soulfully commune with nature in such a way that it enhances our own lives as well as that of our families and our communities.


My heartfelt aspirations are to:

* help harmonise our differing energies with each other and with all that is.

* identify, embrace and nourish our different human qualities and celebrate them with the energies of nature and spirit.

* come together in ceremony to offer long overdue gratitude to the earth and all her beings.

* find ways for us humans to collaborate with mother nature, and to go about this in a peaceful, cooperative and inclusive way.

I share my aspirations through:


* Community Full Moon Fire Ceremonies. 

* Rites of Passage Rituals and Initiations,

* Keepers of the Earth Cauldron Apprenticeship Training

*  One-to-One Healing Sessions.

* Medicine Spiral to shed skins and connect deeply with nature

* sharing the love of Cuda our local Cotswolds Mother Goddess and her Cuculatti

* short courses teaching powerful tools for connecting with the animating force which runs through all life; with the Nature Beings

* Despacho Cceremonies for different occasions and stages of life.

These processes help us to:


* Release heavy energy and come into alignment with the earth’s energies and spirit. 

* Source ourselves from and learn from natural spirituality.

* Connect with and feel empowered by the energies of nature.

* Enjoy this sense of empowerment and bring it into service for the greater good.

My journey

In 1992 my healing journey emerged out of my love of dance. Initially dancing led me to bodywork in the form of massage and I ran a comprehensive practise incorporating holistic massage as well as sports therapy in a clinic for five years. Local doctors referred their patients to me for massage so I had the privilege of working with a very diverse range of people whose issues and conditions deepened my understanding of the relationship between the spirit, mind and body.

During this time I continued to study – nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, Pilates until in 1996 I studied spiritual healing with Jack and Jan Angelo under the auspices of the NFSH. The Angelos gave me my first taste of the Red Road as I joined them for sweat lodges and we held a council of all beings to explore the impact of western lifestyles on the environment.


From 2001 I trained in Mediumship at the College of Psychic Studies with Dr Angela Watkins for three years and completed an animal healing course with her too. These disciplines deepened my connection to spirit and intuition.


In 2004 I visited Peru and found myself completely mesmerised by the natural spirituality so widely evident there. Dwellers of the Andes, who've perhaps ventured no further than the next village, may nevertheless be seen sitting on the mountain-side venerating their Apu (mountain); at every turn, all over Peru, offerings and thanks are given to Pachamama (mother earth). 


While in the Andes I made a deep connection with the mountains (I heard their call) which has shaped my life ever since. I also had a coca leaf reading with a Shaman and this confirmed my healing path. Since that time I have had initiations and healing from other Andean Paqos as well as training and being initiated in the Peruvian indigenous traditions, underpinned by the cosmology of the Q'ero elders whose connection to nature spirits is unbroken.


While all therapeutic modalities are beneficial, for me the very deep healing I received while doing the medicine wheel brought such profound changes and shifts to my outlook and life that it is the wisdom wrought from this process which I wholeheartedly offer to others now. My training as an Energy Medicine Practitioner included profound psychological dismemberment held within the structure of the medicine wheel. This process of demolition and rebuilding with the sweetness, love and harmony of the cosmology of the wisdom-keepers of Peru offered profound personal transformation as well as depths of insight hitherto undreamed of.

My teachers: I have been and continue to be blessed with wonderful teachers in human form and the best of them agree that ultimately our greatest teacher is nature herself.


Paqo Training  Indigenous Elders of Q'eros  Global Paqo School 2021

Hatun Karpay  Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado 2019

Rite of the Womb Marcela Lobos via Dorota Cukierska 2013

Munay Ki assistant 2008

Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine  The Fours Winds Society 2005 - 08

Nusta Initiation  Dona Maria 2005

Lightning Initiation  Don Sebastien 2005

Mediumship  College of Psychic Studies 2001 - 04

Council of All Beings; Sweat Lodge Jack and Jan Angelo 1998

The Healing Trust  Spiritual Healing  1996 - 2003

Sport's Massage ITEC 1995

Anatomy, Physiology & Massage ITEC 1994

MA Dance University of Surrey 1989-90

BA Hons Dance/Education  Roehampton  1984 - 87